I grew up surrounded by beautiful women...

As a little girl, I remember watching my Grandmothers, Mom and Aunts put on their makeup. I couldn't wait to wear it too! I often wondered why they made silly faces while they put on their mascara or lipstick. How they would smile when they put blush on the apples of their cheeks. 

As I grew older my obsession grew deeper for the beauty industry and helped me land my dream job as a makeup artist in 2000 and licensed esthetician 2008. I'd think back to those childhood memories as I learned techniques, tips and tricks of the trade and I knew this was my passion. 

It is an honor to be an important part of a Bride's special day, knowing I will help her complete her look. My role in achieving her dreams and expectations, allows me to fulfill my dreams too.



Regina’s Faces

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